William Engineering LLC is a commercial developer of clad metals used for cutting tools and knives.

William has used its 50 plus years of metal joining knowledge to patent the process of bonding high speed steels. High speed steels are tool steels with added tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and chromium which are able to form carbides allowing for high wear resistance. William uses a solid phase bonding (SPB) process that joins the metal at an atomic level. No brazing or other filler compounds are used. 

SPB allows for exotic high performance alloys to be located at the cutting edge of the tool or knife while the bulk of the cutting tool uses more economical or aesthetically pleasing materials. It eliminates the compromise many designers encounter when choosing mono-metals for cutting application.

Dion Damascus was developed by William Engineering using SPB to provide knife makers with a pattern steel ready to be forged or ground into a blade. We've removed the labor intensive task of layering materials. Dion Damascus is a blank canvas and is ready for you to add your own patterns by forging drilling, grinding and punching.

What blacksmiths have said about our Damascus:

"200+ layers of goodness"

"Wicked work!"

"Beautiful patterns"